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1) Complete the sentences. Use a/an, some, any or no article
1. There is no… glue in the bottle.
2. I couldn’t see … paints on Nick’s desk.
3. Is there … chalk at the blackboard?
4. Do you like … orange juice?
5. It’s such … sunny weather we are having today!
6. It’s such … long and boring story!
7. I see … pencil- case.
2) Complete the sentences. Use such or so.
1. James’ books are … interesting.
2. My granny tells me … wonderful stories before I go to bed.
3. Our trip was … terrible because of the weather.
3) Complete the sentence. Use say, tell, speak, or talk.
1. Can you … me where Max lives?
2. I’m … ing you the truth.
3. He … little Lizzie is ill.
4. Jane can … French very well, can’t she?
5. James and Ann often … about music.
6. Bob … he likes horses.
4) Translate into English
Мы пообедаем вместе, когда приедем домой.
Сара вчера читала книгу в шесть часов.
Я напишу тебе письмо.
Прошлой зимой Джон жил на ферме.
Алиса не плавает в бассейне по воскресеньям.

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