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1. Поставьте глаголы, данные в скобках, в правильное время.

The first Wednesday in every month (be) a Perfectly Awful Day. Every floor must be spotless, every chair dustless and every bed without a wrinkle. Ninety-seven little orphans must be scrubbed and combed and reminded of their manners and told to say “Yes, sir”, “No, sir”, whenever a Trustee (speak) .
It (be) a distressing time; and poor Jerusha Abbott (have) to bear the brunt of it. But this particular Wednesday, like its predecessors, finally (drag) itself to a close. Jerusha (escape) from the pantry where she (make) sandwiches and (turn) upstairs to do her regular work. Her special care (be) room F. Jerusha (assemble) her charges, (straighten) their frocks, (wipe) their noses and (send) them to the dining-room.
Then she (drop) down on the window seat and (lean) her forehead against the cool glass. She (be) on her feet since fi ve that morning. The day (to end) — quite successfully, so far as she (know) . The Trustees and the visiting committee (make) their rounds and (read) their reports and (drink) their tea. And now they (hurry) home.

2. Разделите следующие фразы на две группы:
a. work hard.
b. always do your homework.
c. get into trouble a lot.
d. play around in class.
e. pay attention all the time.
f. pick things up really quickly.
g. skip lessons.
1. If you ARE GOOD at school, you:
2. If you AREN’T a good student, you:

3. Написание письма личного характера.
You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend Ann who writes:
Write a letter to Ann.
In your letter:
• tell her if there is generation gap in your and your friends’ families
• ask 3 questions about cooking
Write 100—140 words.

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