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если поможете надо сделать вопросы на английском для энтервью по тексту We are sure you are all interested in sport. Many of you certainly play such games as volleyball or football, basketball or tennis. People who play a game are players. Players form teams and play matches with other teams — their opponents. Two players playing with each other are partners. Each team can lose or win. In a football match players try to score as many goals as they can.
Most matches take place in large stadiums.
Athletics is the most popular sport. People call it 'the queen of all sports'. It comprises such kinds of sports as: running (for different distances) , jumping (long and high jumps) and others.
From time to time international championships and races (horse-races, motor-races, cycle-races) take place. Representatives of various countries can win a gold, silver or bronze medal. Such great championships in sport are organized every four years and we call them Olympic Games. Only the best may take part in them.
There are so many kinds of sports, such as cycling, swimming, gymnastics, boxing, skating, skiing, rowing, yachting and many more in which you can take an active part or just be a devoted fan.

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