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1. Oxford is one of the oldest British cities. It is ninety kilometres from London and stands on the Thames. The Thames runs throughi Oxford and then the river runs southeast to London. 2. Oxford is famous for its history and its university. It started in the thirteenth century. At that time Oxford was a market town on the river with roads running in it. There were walls around the town and not many people lived there. But the town got bigger and bigger. People made new houses, walls, bridges. Soon the city had a palace a castle and some churches. 3. Now Oxford is a big city. It has got a lot of old and very beautiful houses. There are many interesting museums, parks and gardens in the city. Tourists from many countries of the world come to Oxford to see it. The city has got a lot of hotels for tourists. There are many shops where visitors buy souvenirs. The centre of Oxford is a very green place. Visitors love walking in the narrow old streets. Many people travel in the city by bicycle. Some like to see Oxford from the bus.

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