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V. Вставьте в предложения необходимые по смыслу слова:
a) holidays, b) parents, c) hobby, d) TV programmes, e) scientist, f) Big Ben, g) birthday, h) London Zoo, i) Daniel Defoe, k) kitchen, m) queens, s) uncle, t) London, v) cousin, z) Thames.
1. The famous clock … stands near the Houses of Parliament.
2. You can see the Tower of London from the river … .
3 …. is the capital of Great Britain.
4. … was a famous English writer of the 18th century.
5. The coronation of all British kings and … takes place in Westminster Abbey.
6. There are many exotic animals at … .
7. I have a sister, a niece, an aunt, an … and two … .
8. There is a sitting –room, a bedroom and a … in my house.
9. My … is on the 25th of November.
10. My mother and my father are my … .
11. My … is collecting postcards and playing computer games.
12. Comedies, news and soap operas are the most popular … in Russia.
13. New Year, Christmas and St. Valentine’s Day are our favourite … .
14. Albert Einstein was a famous … .
VI. Найдите названия достопримечательностей, составив словосочетания из слов левой и правой колонок:
Big a) Palace
Trafalgar b) London
Buckingham c) Parliament
Westminster d) Abbey
The Houses of e) Ben
The Tower of f) Square
VII. Вставьте необходимую форму глагола to be - am, is или are:
We … fond of music.
London … famous for its museums, parks and theatres.
Sandwich … made of bread, butter and cheese.
I … proud of my country and its heroes

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