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I know you, I think the world of you.
The way you stand upright, refusing to fall.
You'd walk through the madness and if you had to, you'd crawl.
Your pictures telling a different story, one you don't want others to know.
Happiness on the surface, but the pain you won't show.
You don't need someone to light up your world, but maybe to give company in the dark.
I'd pick your thunder, I'd pick your rain, over anyone's remark.
You deserve to be with someone who's eyes can show you love without a spoken phrase.
You've brought unimaginable technicolor to my life with your mesmerizing ways.
For you I'd bend, for you I'd break, for if you hold my hands you'll never ache.
Come with all your shame, come with blurred eyes, and come to restart.
I look to you like people would at shooting stars.
So, take me to your dreams, take me to your thoughts, your soul has captured my swollen heart.

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